Why You Should Never Go Greek

Not related to my mom but definitely related to my life. Alpha Delta Pi forever!

M. Blair.

It’s happening. Every sorority girl is now sharing those videos all over their walls, pages, feeds, troughs, mountains, whatever else is popular nowadays. They all look the same: pretty girls laughing, being “candid,” and throwing up gang signs, telling you to “Go Greek.” What does that even mean, you ask? Well, as someone who’s greek, I’m not sure you should be watching such intriguing videos on the internet. Here’s 10 reasons you SHOULDN’T go Greek.

  1. You have to try in school. So this is an actual thing. Greeks have a GPA requirement. Who knew? You’d think we all just skip class and sit by a pool all day but no, we actually have programs in place to keep members GPA’s at a certain level. If they don’t, they could be suspended/kicked-out. Who wants to actually try in college?
  2. You’re encouraged to step up and be a leader 24/7. Oh my…

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