Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy birthday, mom. I missed you so much today.

Birthday CakeIf you were here, I would have baked you a carrot cake…except I would have left the carrots out just to honor you, because that is one of the funny family stories I will always remember. It was still a good cake and we all ate it anyway and we never stopped teasing you about the carrot-less carrot cake. Carrots or no carrots yours was always the best.

Or, I could have made a chocolate cake with very thick peanut butter frosting. So thick…because I would have to keep adding peanut butter, then a little more milk, then a little more powdered sugar over and over until I got the combination as close to yours as I could, ending up with enough frosting for two cakes. Because you know what a good cook I am. *cough*

We played bingo for you last night and also for “D’s” birthday. None of us won but we sure had fun losing. Dad brought your special numbers to play the DIY card and we all struggled to figure out what the heck we were doing since we didn’t have you there to remind us how to play. Come to think of it, we very well could have won and just didn’t know it because we aren’t the pros that you were.

I didn’t realize that “S” had never played bingo before. Well, guess what…we all had so much fun, we are probably going to go back next month for his birthday and again in August for mine. And you know what else…last week dad admitted to me that he only went to bingo to be with you. He doesn’t have a passion for it but knew you did and just wanted to support you. He said that last night was probably the last time he would play because he didn’t really enjoy it that much but wanted to celebrate Debbie’s birthday with us. Well, guess what else…Dad had so much fun last night that he told me today he would probably go back with us again. How cool is that?

You are never forgotten. You are always with us. Your life continues to influence us after you’ve left us here on earth. I love you and continue to miss you but in your honor will try to:

Stay Loving. Kind. Generous. Strong.



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