I am my father’s daughter…too!

I have always been a lot like my dad.

I have always been a lot like my dad.

When I created this blog about a month ago, it began as a constructive and healthy way for me to grieve the loss of my mother without paying a shrink or getting hooked on anti depressants. However, the thought occurred to me today that it would have been more appropriate to call it Carole AND David’s Legacy, because I am just as much a product of my dad as I am my mom. I don’t simply mean biologically.

When I was little, I looked so much like my dad that friends of our family called me Dave-aleen (Dave+Charlene). Dark hair, brown eyes…and, occasionally, an Irish attitude that got me in trouble.

Over the years we have continued to be a lot alike, in our interests, our skill sets, our mannerisms, some physical characteristics (& ailments), and even some of our obsessions.

downloadOne of the most significant impacts my Dad had on our family, was the year he brought home our first computer. I *think* it was an Apple lle (Two E). I didn’t know it at the time, but bringing that technology into our home would set the stage for both my future and my brother’s career. I still remember printing out my school reports on a dot matrix printer and tearing all the sheets apart to put it in the binder. I remember being in awe of my brother who learned to program the code to make a blinking jack-o-lantern show up on the monitor. We set it up so people could see it from to door when they came trick or treating.

Dad upgraded the computer as the years went by so I was pretty tech savvy through college and beyond. It came in handy when I started to work. Much to my dad’s (and my) dismay though, every place I have ever worked have been on a NON Apple platform…to the point that I barely know how to use a Mac! I haven’t even jumped on the iPhone band wagon. I like my android operating system just fine thank you.

The downside is that I am very dependent upon my technology. Just last week, I had the misfortune of, well, destroying my phone. It was a horrific but spectacular death. I was walking through a parking structure of a hotel carrying more than I should have been. I tripped on a raised plate of metal and the phone went flying. It was like one of those slow motion scenes from the movies where you see it happening but you can’t quite get yourself moving fast enough to prevent it. When it hit the ground I knew my phone was history.

I went a week without a phone. It was horrible. I take that back…I was horrible. I had lost all my contacts, photos, videos, notes, and more.  I couldn’t remember anyone’s number because I just punch their name on my phone. I couldn’t look up movie times, or google an address when I wanted to. I couldn’t text the amount of my gas receipt to my husband to put it in the checkbook. I was completely frustrated and angry. I know I’m not the only person like this. In fact, I found this post about cell phone addicts and read every word of it feeling guilty!phone-addiction-support-friendship-ecards-someecards

The whole experience made me wonder…how did I get so dependent upon that little handheld piece of metal and glass? It didn’t stop me from FINALLY getting a new phone yesterday. But it did make me think…how did all of this start? Oh yeah…that computer…way back when…with its little blinking cursor and floppy disks, that lead both me and my brother to work on computers for a living, and live busy and productive lives that require a little electronic handheld device to keep track of everything I need to do each day.

So when my husband gets frustrated at me for constantly being on my phone…I’m going to blame my dad! 😉

Until next time – stay loving, kind, generous and strong.



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